Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008—Pigeons in Seattle, Washington, are under attack by an unknown assailant with a dart gun, officials say.

Local authorities have received several reports of pigeons found in the city center with 3- to 4-inch (7.5- to 10-centimeter) metal darts through their skulls.

At least three birds, including the one pictured here, have been found alive with the needlelike projectiles lodged behind their eyes.

"This is just a horrifying case," Tori Perry, a cruelty case worker for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told the Seattle Times.

"Someone who would do this to an animal is a short step away from doing this to a human being."

No, they're not. Because that looks to me like a blow-dart, and you would need very big lungs to shoot a dart through a person's head.

Oh, and wait... Didn't I read that PETA kills about 97% of the animals it takes in?

Why, yes. Yes I did. So, by the same logic, someone who would do that to animals is a short step away from doing that to human beings.

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