Thursday, December 25, 2003

From Trevor Blake, on the Pleasant Blog:

More PETA kookery... Jeanne Daniels owns the Tarrytown Shopping Center in Austin, TX, and is a supporter of "animal rights" (according to the Austin American Statesman). And so even though the mall is infested with ants, none of the ants may be killed - they must instead be "moved." No one in the mall is allowed to sell leather products. "At least three businesses two restaurants and a grocery/deli have left the mall over the past few years because they were selling meat and Daniels wouldn't allow it." One soon-to-be former tenent says "This has become such an uncomfortable place for humans that the shopping center is facing a downturn of sorts." But this isn't the first time Jeanne Daniels has made the news. Previously she bought a $90,000 2001 model black Mercedes-Benz CL 500, then spent about $5,000 having the leather seats removed. The seats were given to members of PETA, who (wearing cow costumes) hand-delivered them to Mercedes-Benz in Michigan and Germany. Koo-koo! Koo-koo!

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